The benefits of HOCl and eye care

How Acuicyn™ Antimicrobial Eyelid & Eyelash Hygiene Can Help You Naturally Cleanse, Relieve, and Restore Your Eyes

Acuicyn™ is an antimicrobial prescription hypochlorous acid (HOCl) based eyelid and eyelash cleanser that is scientifically proven to eradicate the microorganisms that cause discomfort, FAST enough to provide near instant RELIEF, and SAFE and GENTLE enough to use as often as needed for all ages and skin types.

If you’re like most people, you probably use your eyes as your primary means of communication. And, like most things, your eyes need some TLC to stay healthy and look their best. When you suffer from chronic illnesses that cause vision problems, it can have a negative impact on you. Maybe you sleep with a washcloth next to your bed, or you can’t see your clock in the morning without first rinsing your eyes. That’s where Acuicyn™ Performance Stabilized HOCl Antimicrobial Eyelid & Eyelash Hygiene comes in.

Hypochlorous acid is a natural, gentle, and non-toxic compound that is naturally produced by white blood cells in the human body. Its primary function is to aid in the fight against infections by killing viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and even some parasites. Because hypochlorous acid has strong antimicrobial properties, it is ideal for cleansing, disinfecting, and protecting the eyes and eyelids. It works by breaking down the cell membranes of bacteria and other microorganisms, preventing them from reproducing and causing infections. It is incredibly gentle on the skin yet powerful enough to kill germs, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

The health benefits of hypochlorous acid extend far beyond its antimicrobial properties. It’s an anti-inflammatory agent, a potent antioxidant, stable, has a broad spectrum of efficacy, and is safe to use regularly. It has been studied for its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots and for its potential to help heal wounds and other skin damage.

Hypochlorous acid has also been found to be very effective in cleaning the eyelids and eyelashes. It helps to remove debris and microorganisms from the eyelids and eyelashes, as well as provide relief from itching and irritation. It also helps to reduce inflammation, redness, and swelling, while providing an extra layer of protection from bacteria and other microorganisms. 

Acuicyn™ Performance Stabilized hypochlorous acid is a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of eye-related conditions, including Blepharitis, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Dry Eye, Contact Lens Intolerance, and other inflammations of the outer eye caused by allergies, and its antimicrobial properties make it beneficial for pre and post surgical eye procedures.

Blepharitis is a common and irritating eye condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It’s an inflammation of the eyelids that can cause redness, swelling, and crusting of the lids. If you’ve ever experienced it, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Acuicyn™ is a safe and natural way to help relieve the symptoms of blepharitis. It works by killing the bacteria that cause blepharitis, reducing inflammation, and helping to restore the natural balance and health of the eyelids.

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is a common and often painful condition that  affects the health of your eyes. This is a chronic condition caused by abnormalities with the Meibomian glands, which are located in the eyelids and produce oils that help keep the eyes lubricated. MGD causes dry eye symptoms including redness, irritation, and pain. Acuicyn™ reduces inflammation, itch, and helps the balance of moisture in the eyes by breaking down the lipid based biofilm that clogs the meibomian glands.

Dry Eye is a common condition that causes eye pain, redness, and dryness. Acuicyn™ works by cleaning the surface of the eye, removing any foreign particles that can contribute to the inflammation associated with dry eyes. In addition, Acuicyn™ helps to restore the natural tear film that coats the surface of the eye, helping to reduce the dryness and irritation, as well as provide relief from pain and inflammation. 

Contact Lens Intolerance can cause redness, irritation, and pain when wearing contact lenses. Acuicyn™ has been found to be extremely effective for relieving symptoms of contact lens intolerance. Studies have shown it to be more effective than some of the traditional treatments for this issue. In one study, 90% of people who used HOCl reported reduced contact lens discomfort and 75% reported improved comfort when wearing lenses.

Pre- and post-surgical eye procedures can benefit from Acuicyn™ due to its antimicrobial properties. It has been shown to effectively eradicate a wide variety of microorganisms, which can help reduce the risk of infection during and after surgery. 

Additionally, HOCl has a neutral pH level, which makes it gentle on delicate tissues such as the eyes. This can help prevent irritation or other adverse reactions that may occur with other disinfectants that have a higher pH level. HOCl can also be used to irrigate the eye or as a topical solution on the eyelids and surrounding areas to disinfect the surgical site, and as a postoperative topical solution to help promote healing and reduce the risk of infection.

For these reasons, it is no surprise that Acuicyn™ is quickly becoming the go-to choice for many when it comes to eyelid and eyelash care and treatment. It is gentle enough to be used by all ages and skin types, yet powerful enough to be used to treat a wide range of skin issues.

Acuicyn™ Antimicrobial Eyelid & Eyelash Hygiene is designed to help you cleanse, relieve, and restore your skin by removing encrustation and debris to help manage red, itchy, crusty, inflamed eyes, providing FAST relief!

Try Acuicyn™ Antimicrobial Eyelid & Eyelash Hygiene today and see the difference for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

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